T. Lippiello-R.Malek, Scholar from the West            

 1997                                                                            SchedaCCT

Jointly published by Fondazione Civiltŗ Bresciana & Monumenta Serica Institute, Sankt Augustin



ANGELO S. LAZZAROTTO, P.I.M.E.: The Brescia Symposium on Giulio Aleni.

Essays on the Historical Context:
GIULIANO BERTUCCIOLI: Europe as Seen from China before the Arrival of the Jesuits

PIERO CORRADINI: Christian Presence in China up to the Time of Aleni

ADOLFO TAMBURELLO: Western Powers’ Politics and Missionary Action in Seventeenth Century China

MASSIMO MARCOCCHI: The Missionary …lan in the Church of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.

Aleni’s Background, Biography, and RŰle:
MARIO COLPO: Giulio Aleni’s Cultural and Religious Background

ERIK Z‹RCHER: Giulio Aleni’s Biography

ADRIAN DUDINK: Giulio Aleni and Li Jiubiao

PAUL RULE: Giulio Aleni and the Chinese Rites Controversy

EUGENIO MENEGON: Jesuits, Franciscans and Dominicans in Fujian: The Anti-Christian Incidents of 1637–1638

JOSEPH SHIH, S.J.: Western Attention to Aleni as Documented by Bartoli and Colombel.



The Religious and Missionary Work of Aleni:
JOHN W. WITEK, S.J.: Principles of Scholasticism in China: A Comparison of Giulio Aleni’s Wanwu zhenyuan with Matteo Ricci’s Tianzhu shiyi

CLAUDIA VON COLLANI: Francisco LujŠn’s "Annotationes" in Giulio Aleni’s Wanwu zhenyuan

PAUL RHEINBAY, S.A.C.: Nadal’s Religious Iconography Reinterpreted by Aleni for China

LIN JINSHUI: A Tentative Study on Aleni’s Adaptation Method for Christian Evangelization

MARK K. CHANG, S.J.: Impact of Aleni’s Apologetic and Pastoral Writings on the Missionary Work in China

XU MINGDE: Aleni's Writings on Matteo Ricci and on the Chinese Converts Yang Tingyun and Michael Zhang

XIE BIZHEN: Aleni’s Contribution to the History of Christianity in China: The Nestorian Stele and Ancient Christian Tombs in Quanzhou

CHEN CUNFU: Trying to Assess Aleni’s Mission: Success or Failure?

FRANCESCO D’ARELLI: Manuscript Notes of Carlo Horatii da Castorano O.F.M. and Francesco da Ottaviano O.F.M. on Some of Aleni’s Chinese Writings.

The Humanistic and Scientific Works of Aleni:
ALBERT CHAN, S.J.: The Scientific Writings of Giulio Aleni and Their Context

BERNHARD HUNG-KAY LUK: Aleni Introduces the Western Academic Tradition to Seventeenth-Century China: A Study of the Xixue fan

CHEN MIN-SUN: T'ien-hsŁeh ch'u-han and Hsi-hsŁeh fan. The Common Bond between Li Chih-tsao and Giulio Aleni

PAN FENGCHUAN: The Dialogue on Renxue. Giulio Aleni’s Writings on the Philosophy of the Soul and the Responses of the Chinese Scholars

FEDERICO MASINI: Aleni’s Contribution to the Chinese Language

CATHERINE JAMI: Aleni’s Contribution to Geometry in China. A Study of the Jihe yaofa

ISAIA IANNACCONE: The Transition of Scientific Culture from Ricci to Aleni, Schreck, Rho, and Schall von Bell: The Xiyang xinfa lishu.

Epilogue: ERIK Z‹RCHER: Aleni in Fujian, 1630—1640: The Medium and the Message.