Gianni Criveller, Preaching Christ in Late Ming China:

The Jesuits' presentation of Christ from Matteo Ricci to Giulio Aleni.   

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Taipei Ricci Institute for Chinese Studies & Fondazione CiviltÓ Bresciana, Taipei & Brescia 1997. pagg 485

Una ricerca condotta da padre Gianni Criveller sul metodo missionario da Matteo Ricci a Giulio Aleni.


Part one: The Jesuits mission in late Ming China

1-The european context; 2- Christology in the Europe of Reformations; 3- The Missionary Theology of the XVI-XVII Centuries; 4- The Jesuits' Missionary method;

5-The Jesuits' Missionary method in action; 6-The Christological controversy in China


Part two: The Christology in China

7-Michele Ruggeri; 8-Matteo Ricci: The Catechetical Conversations, The true meaning of the Lord of Heaven, Doctrine of the Lord of Heaven; 9- Diego De Pantoja; 10-Joao Da Rocha; 11-Other early Jesuits;

12-The life of Giulio Aleni; 13-Aleni's Catechism; 14-Aleni's Moral writings; 15-Aleni's Pastoral writings;

16-Aleni's edifying Biografies: The life of Michael Zhang; The life of Yang Tingyun; The life of Dr.Ricci

17-Aleni's Christological writings: the chinese Life of Jesus;

18-Christological writings: the illustraded Life of Jesus; 19-The Life of Jesus in a Four Character Poem; 20- The Learned Conversations of Fuzhou; 21-The introduction to the Incarnation; 22- The Diary of oral Exhortations; 23-The Converts; 24- The anti-christian movement;


Part three: Conclusions

25- Lines of development of Christology in Late Ming China

26-Christology in Late Ming China: Aleni's contribution.